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Larwrence Pintak is the director of the Adham Center for Electronic Journalism at the American University in Cairo. A veteran of 30 years in journalism on four continents, Pintak has contributed to many of the world’s leading news organizations. He previously served as Howard R. Marsh Visiting Professor of Journalism at the University of Michigan, lecturing on the intersection of communications and international policy at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy and in the Communications, Middle East and Southeast Asia studies programs. His books include Beirut Outtakes: A TV Correspondent’s Portrait of America’s Encounter with Terror (Lexington 1988), Seeds of Hate: How America’s flawed Middle East policy ignited the jihad (Pluto 2003), and Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens: America, Islam & the War of Ideas, which will be published in January 2006 (Pluto Books UK/Univ of Michigan Press).

Walter Armbrust is Hourani Fellow and University Lecturer in Modern Middle Eastern Studies at St. Antony's College, University of Oxford. He is a cultural anthropologist whose research interests focus on popular culture and mass media in the Middle East. He is the author of Mass Culture and Modernism in Egypt, and editor of Mass Mediations: New Approaches to Popular Culture in the Middle East and Beyond. Dr Armbrust is currently working on a cultural history of the Egyptian cinema.

Hani Shukrallah is a consultant for Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies and is the former Editor of Al Ahram Weekly. He writes a weekly commentary for The Daily Star Egypt.
TBS Managing Editor
George Weyman , managing editor and webmaster of TBS. He has an M.Phil. in Modern Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, where he earned distinction for his thesis on a new Syrian youth magazine called Star. Titled Empowering Youth or Reshaping Compliance? Star Magzine, Symbolic Production, and Competing Visions of Shabab in Syria the thesis explores the emergence of a new privately-owned domestically-produced media sector in Syria as a response to growing cultural and political threats to the regime. George has also worked as a researcher on Arab media for the Panos Institute in London and has experience at Sky News.
Editorial Board
Jon Alterman, director of the Middle East Program, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.
Hussein Amin, chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, American University in Cairo, Egypt.
Jon Anderson, chair of the Department of Anthropology, Catholic University, Washington, D.C.
Douglas A. Boyd, chief of staff, office of the president and former dean, School of Communication, University of Kentucky, U.S.

Kai Hafez, University of Erfurt, Germany.

Michael Hudson , director of the Arab Information Project, Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.

Adel Iskandar, University of Texas at Austin .
Rami Khouri, Editor-at-Large, Daily Star Beirut; lecturer, American University in Beirut
Marwan Kraidy, assistant professor of International Relations and International Communication at the American University, Washington D.C. He is author of Hybridity, or, The Cultural Logic of Globalization (Temple University Press, 2005), and co-editor of Global Media Studies: Ethnographic Perspectives (Routledge, 2003). He is working on his current book project, Screens of Contention: Arab Media and the Challenges of Modernity, as a 2005-2006 Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
Marc Lynch, Williams College. He is the author of Voices of the New Arab Public: Iraq, Al Jazeera, and Middle East Politics Today
William A. Rugh, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, U.S.
Tarik Sabry, University of Westminster, U.K.
Naomi Sakr, University of Westminster, U.K.
Abdallah Schleifer, Washington D.C. bureau chief, Al Arabiya (and TBS Journal founder)
Contributing Editors

Andrew Exum graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2000. After university, he accepted a commission in the US Army and was decorated for valor while leading a platoon of infantrymen in Afghanistan in early 2002. Exum subsequently led a platoon of Army Rangers into Iraq in 2003 and developed his academic interest in the Middle East while serving there. After leaving the Army, Exum earned a master's degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut in early 2006 and has accepted a fellowship in the Washington Institute for Near East Policy's Military and Security Studies Program for the 2006-2007 academic year. Exum is the author of one book, This Man's Army, which won a 2005 Distinguished Writing Award from the Army Historical Foundation.

Charles Levinson is a journalist for Agence France Press based in Jerusalem. He is former news editor of Cairo magazine.
Hugh Miles is an award-winning freelance journalist who has written for The Guardian, the London Review of Books, and the Sunday Times. Al Jazeera: The Inside Story of the Arab News Channel that Challenged the World is his first book.
Sune Haugbolle completed his D.Phil at Oxford University in 2006. He is a specialist in Lebanon.
Creative Director

Shems Friedlander is an award-winning New York graphic designer who is now a senior lecturer in the department of journalism and mass communication and director of the Apple Center for Graphic Communications at the American University in Cairo. He is the author of nine books and has written many articles for publications worldwide.

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