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Current issue, No. 12, Spring/Summer 2004
No. 11, Fall 2003
No. 10, Spring 2003
No. 9, Fall 2002
No. 8, Spring 2002
No. 7, Fall 2001
No. 6, Spring 2001
No. 5, Fall 2000
No. 4, Spring 2000
No. 3, Fall 1999
No. 2, Spring 1999
No. 1, Fall 1998
Al-Jazeera: How the Free Arab News Network Scooped the World and Changed the Middle East (2002) Douglas A. Boyd No. 8, Spring 2002
Television in Contemporary Asia (2000) Philip Robertson No. 8, Spring 2002
Electronic Media and Industrialized Nations: A Comparative Study (1999) Keval J. Kumar No. 8, Spring 2002
Global Communication and World Politics: Domination, Development and Discourse (1999) Ralph D. Berenger No. 8, Spring 2002
Global Electronic Commerce: Theory and Case Studies (1999) Tino O. Fenech No. 8, Spring 2002
Communication and Race: A Structural Approach (1998) Brian Shoesmith No. 8, Spring 2002
Alan Albarran and David Goff, eds. "Understanding the Web: Social, Political and Economic Dimensions of the Internet" (2000) Emmanuel C. Alozie No. 7, Fall 2001
Edward Buscombe, ed. "British Television: A Reader" (2000) Mike Richards No. 7, Fall 2001
Ang Peng Hwa and Sankaran Ramanathan. "Communication Education in ASEAN" (2000) Ali Parandeh No. 7, Fall 2001
Jens F. Jensen and Cathy Toscan, eds. "Interactive Television: TV of the Future or the Future of TV" (1999) Brendan Murphy No. 7, Fall 2001
Joel Brinkley. "Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television" (1998) Ralph D. Berenger No. 7, Fall 2001
Alan B. Albarran and Sylvia M Chan-Olmsted. "Global media economics: commercialization, concentration and integration of world media markets" (1998) James Piecowye No. 6, Spring 2001
Asian Media Information and Communication Centre. "Public Service Broadcasting in Asia: Surviving in the New Information Age" (1999) Pieter Wessels No. 6, Spring 2001
Anura Goonasekera and Ang Peng Hwa. "Information Highways in ASEAN" (1999) Ali Parandeh No. 6, Spring 2001
William A. Hachten. "The World News Prism: Changing Media for International Communication" (5th Edition, 1999) Philip Robertson No. 6, Spring 2001
Albert Moran. "Copycat TV: Globalisation, Program Formats and Cultural Identity" (1998) Amos Owen Thomas No. 6, Spring 2001
Colin Shaw. "Deciding what we watch: Taste, decency and media ethics in the UK and the USA" (1999) Latiffah Pawanteh No. 6, Spring 2001
Paul A. Mayer, ed. (1999) "Computer Media and Communication: A Reader" Manjunath Pendakur No. 5, Fall 2000
Venkat Iyer, ed. (1999) "Media Regulation for the New Times" Abdullah Al-Kindi No. 5, Fall 2000
Horace Newcomb, ed. (2000) Television: The Critical View Keval J. Kumar No. 5, Fall 2000
David Rowe (1999) Sport, Culture and the Media Brad Hill No. 5, Fall 2000
Andrew Calcutt (1999) White Noise: An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture Brendan Murphy No. 5, Fall 2000
Christine Brosius and Melissa Butcher, eds. (1999) Image Journeys: Audio-Visual Media and Cultural Change in India Amos Owen Thomas No. 4, Spring 2000
Douglas A. Boyd (1999). Broadcasting in the Arab World: A Survey of the Electronic Media in the Middle East, Third Edition Hussein Amin No. 4, Spring 2000
Internet Delivery Via Satellite: A report by Irwin Communications (1999) TBS staff review No. 4, Spring 2000
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