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Current issue, No. 12, Spring/Summer 2004
No. 11, Fall 2003
No. 10, Spring 2003
No. 9, Fall 2002
No. 8, Spring 2002
No. 7, Fall 2001
No. 6, Spring 2001
No. 5, Fall 2000
No. 4, Spring 2000
No. 3, Fall 1999
No. 2, Spring 1999
No. 1, Fall 1998
Ajami, Fouad What the Muslim World is Watching? No. 8, Spring 2002
Al-Hail, Ali The Age of New Media: The Role of Al-Jazeera Satellite TV in Developing Aspects of Civil Society in Qatar No. 4, Spring 2000
Alterman, Jon Transnational Media and Regionalism No. 1, Fall 1998
Alterman, Jon Transnational Media and Social Change in the Arab World No. 2, Spring 1999
Amin, Hussein Satellite Broadcasting and Civil Society in the Middle East: The Role of Nilesat No. 4, Spring 2000
Amin, Hussein The Current Situation of Satellite Broadcasting in the Middle East No. 5, Fall 2000
Amin, Hussein Arab Women and Satellite Broadcasting No. 6, Spring 2001
Arback, Jacob Looking Ahead at Emerging Markets: Growth Prospects for Satellite Operators and Service Providers No. 4, Spring 2000
Aycock, Frank Localism in the Era of Globalization and New Technologies: Implications for the 21st Century No. 2, Spring 1999
Ayish, Muhammed American-Style Journalism and Arab World Television: An Exploratory Study of News Selection at Six Arab World Satellite Television Channels No. 6, Spring 2001
Beadle, Mary E. The Influence of U.S. Media Use and Demographic Factors on Argentine Men and Women About Perceptions of U.S. Lifestyle No. 3, Fall 1999
Chambers, David Will Hollywood Go to War? No. 8, Spring 2002
Dajani, Nabil The Changing Scene of Lebanese Television No. 7, Fall 2001
Duarte, Luiz G. The Impact of Regional Trade Pacts on Foreign TV Enterprises in Latin America No. 3, Fall 1999
El-Nawawy, Mohammed Boxing Rings: Al-Jazeera's Talk Shows No. 8, Spring 2002
El Tounsy, Abbas Reflections on the Arab Satellites, the Palestinian Intifada, and the Israeli War No. 8, Spring 2002
Fakhreddine, Jihad Pan-Arab Satellite Television: Now the Survival Part No. 5, Fall 2000
Fakhreddine, Jihad US-Arab Cross-Communication Exchange: A Dialogue Amongst Mutes No. 8, Spring 2002
Fine, Janet TV Producers Look Towards Globalization at CAMAR TV 2001 International TV Market No. 7, Fall 2001
Fine, Janet New Book Strategizes South Asian Broadcasting Policies No. 6, Spring 2001
Fine, Janet Indian Television Turning to Globalization No. 4, Spring 2000
Fine, Janet View from Mumbai: Murdoch and Turner on the Move No. 4, Spring 2000
Foote, Joe CNE in Egypt: Some Light at the End of an Arduous Tunnel No. 1, Fall 1998
Forrester, Chris High Hopes for Egyptian Media Production City No. 7, Fall 2001
Forrester, Chris Sumner Redstone: The oldest member of the MTV generation, touring the Arab Gulf, is still "fired up" by Viacom's international prospects No. 5, Fall 2000
Forrester, Chris View from Dubai: The Digital Future No. 4, Spring 2000
Forrester, Chris Can Sleepy Set-Top Boxes Ever Be Sexy? No. 3, Fall 1999
Forrester, Chris Digital Platforms in the Middle East No. 1, Fall 1998
Fouda, Yosri Al-Jazeera: Here We Stand, We Can Do No Otherwise No. 6, Spring 2001
Ghoneim, Magdi New Challenges for Arab Satellite Television No. 5, Fall 2000
Hall, Alice The World in the Screen: The Impact of Character Representativeness, Society Variability, and Presentation on Audiences' Conceptualization of Cross-Cultural Media Images (peer-reviewed) No. 6, Spring 2001
Hamdy, Naila The European Broadcasting Union: Covering the Globe No. 6, Spring 2001
Iskandar, Adel Boxing Rings: Al-Jazeera's Talk Shows No. 8, Spring 2002
Kandil, Heba The Media Free Zone: An Egyptian Media Production City Finesse No. 5, Fall 2000
Kandil, Heba Thematic Channels' Salvation No. 5, Fall 2000
Kraidy, Marwan Transnational Television and Asymmetrical Interdependence in the Arab World: The Growing Influence of the Lebanese Satellite Broadcasters No. 5, Fall 2000
Kumar, Aashish Localizing the Global in India: New Imperatives for International Communication Scholarship in the Satellite Era No. 2, Spring 1999
Nordenstreng, Kaarle Something to Be Done: Transnational Media Monitoring No. 6, Spring 2001
Ouddane, Hamid EPG or Bust No. 5, Fall 2000
Sakr, Naomi Optical Illusions: Television and Censorship in the Arab World No. 5, Fall 2000
Schleifer, S. Abdallah Media Explosion in the Arab World: The Pan-Arab Satellite Broadcasters No. 1, Fall 1998
Schleifer, S. Abdallah Video Cairo Sat: Breaking New Ground as Usual, But This Time on Nilesat No. 3, Fall 1999
Schleifer, S. Abdallah The Sweet and Sour Success of Al-Jazeera No. 7, Fall 2001
Schleifer, S. Abdallah Looks are Deceiving: Arab Talk Shows and TV Journalism No. 6, Spring 2001
Schleifer, S. Abdallah The Dubai Digital Broadcasting Miracle No. 5, Fall 2000
Schleifer, S. Abdallah Does Satellite TV Pay in the Arab World Footprint? Exploring the Economic Feasibility of Specialized and General Channels No. 5, Fall 2000
Semati, Mehdi Reflections on the Politics of the Global "Rolling News" Television Genre No. 6, Spring 2001
Strelitz, Larry Where the Global Meets the Local: Media Studies and the Myth of Cultural Homogenization No. 6, Spring 2001
Sullivan, Sarah The Courting of Al-Jazeera No. 7, Fall 2001
Sullivan, Sarah The Courting of Al-Jazeera, the Sequel: Estrangement and Signs of Reconciliation No. 7, Fall 2001
Sullivan, Sarah Dubai Media City Prepares for Next Phase No. 7, Fall 2001
Sullivan, Sarah Private-Sector Media City Launched in Amman No. 7, Fall 2001
Sullivan, Sarah ART Wins STAR Select; Showtime Launches SmartTV No. 7, Fall 2001
Sullivan, Sarah Showtime Relaunches with Four New Pay-TV Packages No. 6, Spring 2001
Sullivan, Sarah ART Relaunches as 'Total Entertainment Solution' No. 6, Spring 2001
Sullivan, Sarah "Monitoring the Middle East's Information Revolution" No. 5, Fall 2000
Thomas, Amos Owen Broadcast Satellites and Television for Asia: Global Actors on a Continental Stage (peer-reviewed) No. 2, Spring 1999
TBS Staff Report Update from Dubai: Reuters, MBC move to Dubai Media City, plus His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's speech at the official Media City opening No. 6, Spring 2001
TBS Staff Report Special Report: ART Puts Together First-Ever Arab Global Telethon No. 2, Spring 1999
White, Livingston Reconsidering Cultural Imperialism Theory (peer-reviewed) No. 6, Spring 2001
Williston, Scotti Global News and the Vanishing American Foreign Correspondent No. 6, Spring 2001
Wilmsen, David What Some of the Arab World is Watching? No. 8, Spring 2002
Zaharopoulos, Thimios Traditional Family Relationships and Television Viewing in Greece (peer-reviewed) No. 6, Spring 2001
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