Issue No. 2
Spring 1999
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Transnational Broadcasting Studies
No. 2, Spring 1999

In This Issue:

Localism in the Era of Globalization and New Technologies: Implications for the 21st Century
By Frank Aycock

Localizing the Global in India: New Imperatives for International Communication Scholarship in the Satellite Era
By Aashish Kumar

Transnational Media and Social Change in the Arab World
By Jon B. Alterman
ART Puts Together First-Ever Arab Global Telethon
By TBS Editorial Assistant Dana Zureikat
Broadcast Satellites and Television for Asia: Global Actors on a Continental Stage
By Amos Owen Thomas
Will Wyatt, chief executive of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), talks with TBS about the digital age and the evolving role of public service broadcasters.
TBS Contributing Editor Chris Forrester talks with Rupert Murdoch about News Corp’s expansion plans in Europe.
This issue’s symposium takes a look at transnational broadcasting in Asia. The experts: Philip Kitley, Keval Kumar, Brian Shoesmith, Amos Owen Thomas, and Tony Wilson.
Pay-TV in Egypt: Impediments and Developments
by Sherin Moody
Voices 21: A Global Movement for People's Media and Communications in the 21st Century
Introduction to the People’s Communication Charter
by Cees Hamelink
The People’s Communication Charter: An International Covenant of Standards
Bell-Atlantic Temple University Conference on Digital Communication “The Challenge of the Digital Age: A Forum of Diverse Perspectives.”
by George Gerbner
The Third Annual Conference of the Arab-U.S. Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE)
by TBS Senior Editor Hussein Amin
Satellite Broadcasting in the Middle East and North Africa: Regulations, Access, and Impact. An International Seminar of Article 19, The International Centre Against Censorship.
By TBS Editorial Assistant Dana Zureikat
Roundtable on Culture and Communication in the Global Information Society, organized by the MacBride Roundtable on Communication, MedMedia Jemstone Network, and the Jordan Institute of Diplomacy.
By TBS Senior Editor Hussein Amin and Editorial Assistant Dana Zureikat
TBS Contributing Editor Chris Forrester reports on the hottest news on the Middle East satellite scene from the Dubai Cable and Satellite Show
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