No. 6, Spring/Summer 2001
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Focus: Global Journalism
Cover Story: An interview with Stephen Marney (far left) and Rashid Murooshid of the EDTV Business Channel in Dubai

Reflections on the Politics of the Global "Rolling News" Television Genre
Mehdi Semati

Global News and the Vanishing American Foreign Correspondent
Scotti Williston

The European Broadcasting Union: Covering the Globe
Naila Hamdy

American-Style Journalism and Arab World Television: An Exploratory Study of News Selection at Six Arab World Satellite Television Channels
Muhammed Ayish

The Impact of Arab TV News: Two Perspectives:

Al-Jazeera: Here We Stand, We Can Do No Otherwise
Yosri Fouda

Looks are Deceiving: Arab Talk Shows and TV Journalism
TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer


Cover story: Rashid Murooshid, Managing Director and Stephen Marney, Director of News and Program Development at the EDTV Business Channel discuss coverage of regional, and global, financial markets

Khalid Kazziha, APTN senior producer for East/Central and West Africa and Nadia Bilbasey, Africa correspondent for MBC, talked to TBS about how satellite phones can mean better coverage of breaking news, and about cooperation in the field between news stations and news agencies

Ibrahim Nawar, Managing Director of Video Cairo Sat, describes VCS's preparations to launch a private satellite news channel, Cairo Sat News

"Corporatization of the Media," a discussion held at News World 2000 in Barcelona, asks if the fact of media becoming big business means that the boardroom now controls the newsroom. Chaired by the BBC's Nick Gowing, and featuring Robert McChesney, Chris Cramer, Ian Hargreaves, Danny Schechter, and Neil Docherty
Also in this issue:

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

Reconsidering Cultural Imperialism Theory
Livingston White

The World in the Screen: The Impact of Character Representativeness, Society Variability, and Presentation on Audiences' Conceptualization of Cross-Cultural Media Images
Alice Hall

Traditional Family Relationships and Television Viewing in Greece
Thimios Zaharopoulos

Articles continued:

Where the Global Meets the Local: Media Studies and the Myth of Cultural Homogenization
Larry Strelitz

Something to Be Done: Transnational Media Monitoring
Kaarle Nordenstreng

New Book Strategizes South Asian Broadcasting Policies
Janet Fine

Arab Women and Satellite Broadcasting
TBS Senior Editor Hussein Amin

ART Relaunches as 'Total Entertainment Solution'
TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

Showtime Relaunches with Four New Pay-TV Packages
TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

Update from Dubai: Reuters, MBC move to Dubai Media City, plus His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's speech at the official Media City opening


ICC: Three Days, One Theme...Many, Many Topics
James Napoli

News World 2000 Raises Critical, and Timely, News Concerns
TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer

edited by Amos Owen Thomas

"Global media economics: commercialization, concentration and integration of world media markets" (1998). Edited by Alan B. Albarran and Sylvia M Chan-Olmsted
Reviewed by James Piecowye

"Public Service Broadcasting in Asia: Surviving in the New Information Age" (1999) Asian Media Information and Communication Centre
Reviewed by Pieter Wessels

"Information Highways in ASEAN" (1999) by Anura Goonasekera and Ang Peng Hwa
Reviewed by Dr. Ali Parandeh

"The World News Prism: Changing Media for International Communication" (5th Edition, 1999) by William A. Hachten
Reviewed by Dr. Philip Robertson

"Copycat TV: Globalisation, Program Formats and Cultural Identity" (1998) by Albert Moran
Reviewed by Amos Owen Thomas

"Deciding what we watch: Taste, decency and media ethics in the UK and the USA" (1999) by Colin Shaw
Reviewed by Dr. Latiffah Pawanteh

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