Issue No. 3
Fall 1999
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Transnational Broadcasting Studies
No. 3, Fall 1999

In This Issue:

The Influence of U.S. Media Use and Demographic Factors on Argentine Men and Women About Perceptions of U.S. Lifestyle
By Mary E. Beadle

The Impact of Regional Trade Pacts on Foreign TV Enterprises in Latin America
y Luiz G. Duarte

Can Sleepy Set-Top Boxes Ever Be Sexy?
By TBS Contributing Editor Chris Forrester
Video Cairo Sat: Breaking New Ground as Usual, But This Time on Nilesat
By TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer
Peter Einstein, president and CEO of Gulf DTH/Showtime, talks with TBS about Showtime’s development in the Middle East.
The AMIC 8th Annual Conference, July 1-3, 1999, Chennai, India: “Asia: Information Poor to Information Rich: Strategies for the 21st Century”
TBS Staff Report
Fifth Cairo TV Market and Festival Takes Global Direction
By TBS Contributing Editor Janet Fine
Glimpses of the Cairo International Film Festival: Comic Twist for Cairo Film Fest
By TBS Contributing Editor Janet Fine
From the Editor

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