Issue No. 1
Fall 1998
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Welcome to the premier issue of
Transnational Broadcasting Studies
No. 1, Fall 1998

In This Issue:

Media Explosion in the Arab World: The Pan-Arab Satellite Broadcasters
By TBS Senior Editor S.A. Schleifer

Transnational Media and Regionalism
By Jon B. Alterman

Digital Platforms in the Middle East
By Chris Forrester
CNE in Egypt: Some Light at the End of an Arduous Tunnel
By Joe Foote
Sheikh Saleh Kamel, Chairman of the Board of ART (Arab Radio and Television)
Alexander Zilo, President and CEO of Orbit
Ian Ritchie, CEO of MBC (Middle East Broadcasting Centre)
In this issue’s Virtual Symposium, leading academics and broadcast professionals from the United States and the Arab world discuss issues critical to transnational broadcasting in the Arab region: cross-cultural influences, freedom of the press, transnational broadcasting and the peace process, and more.
Uses and Gratifications of Satellite TV in Egypt
By Hala Abdel Rahman

Abstract: Satellite Television from Lebanon: A Preliminary Look at the Players
By Marwan M. Kraidy

Abstract: The Regulation of Arab Satellite Broadcasting
By Naomi Sakr

Nilesat 101 Channels: A comprehensive list of what’s available on the Middle East’s newest satellite
From the Editor
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