No. 11, Fall/Winter 2003
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Shaykh Abdallah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Abu Dhabi TV

CNBC Arabiya

Al Jazeera

The Arab Media Summit:

"Arabsats? What Arabsats?" asked Humphrey Davies at the third annual Arab Media Summit held in Dubai October 7-8. Though their names were on everyone's lips, the Arab satellite channels were strangely thin on the ground at the Middle East's premier media gathering-and this, even though Shaykh Abdallah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan and CNN's Chris Cramer, in their Speeches to the Opening Session, raised issues that touch on the Arabsats directly.

On the Margins of the Summit:

A hunt through the corridors of the summit did yield interviews with Ali Al-Ahmed and Nart Bouran of Abu Dhabi TV, Jihad Khazen of LBC/Al Hayat, and Riz Khan, sometime CNN anchor. We also took a copy of Danny Schechter's article "Media Can Serve the Needs of Peace."

CNBC Arabiya:

CNBC Arabiya is the newest 24-hour Arab satellite channel based in the Gulf and the first dedicated to business news. Humphrey Davies reports on CNBC Arabiya—The Debut. TBS also interviewed Chairman and CEO Zafar Siddiqi and Ward Edmonds, production director, and caught presenters Lina Sawan and Cyba Audi for a few moments each.

The "Al Jazeera Effect":

TBS also went to Qatar, home of the "Al Jazeera Effect" but the appointment of a new manager for the channel-with all that may imply in terms of a new sensibility and orientation-came after our visit and only days before TBS 11 was launched; see Stop Press: Al Jazeera Gets New Manager. During our visit, we interviewed editor-in-chief Ibrahim Helal and Amr El-Kahky, an Al Jazeera reporter recently returned from Baghdad, as well as the channel's then manager, Adnan Sharif. Earlier, TBS had talked with Al Jazeera's leading investigative reporter Yosri Fouda.

Arabsats: the Debate:

Al Jazeera and its peers of the Arabic-language 24-hour all-news satellite TV world have caused great controversy. In Arabsats: the Debate TBS presents four angles on the dreaded Arabsats: the Palestine Center's Hisham Sharabi writes of "The Political Impact of Arab Satellite Television on the Post-Iraq War Arab World," Al-Ahram's Abdel Moneim Saeed of "The Arab Satellites-Some Necessary Observations," Foreign Affairs' Marc Lynch of "Taking Arabs Seriously," and Al Arabiya channel's Salih Al-Kallab of "The Arab Satellites-the Pros and Cons."

In Saving Egyptian Pay-TV and Contact Center, Noha El-Hennawi looks at pirate distribution in Egypt and the measures CNE and EDD at taking against it.

Hassan Hamed of ERTU


Brain McNair assesses British TV played with the home audience in "British Satellite Television and the Aftermath of the Iraq War."

Hala Abdulrahman reviews Orbit TV's new activities in the Egyptian market and discusses these with managing director Felix Serhan in "Orbit TV Enters New Territory."

Hussein Amin presents new figures on Egypt's Nilesat viewership in "Nilesat Research Shows Increased Penetration."
Bassam El Tayyara describes a new phenomenon in Arab satellite TV in "Seeking Stardom on Satellite Channels."
Janet Fine visited Cannes to discover that "Egyptian TV Markets Globally at Mipcom Market."
Olivier Da Lage reports that Paris wants its "CNN, French-Style."
Chris Forrester presents the new developments at one of the world's giant satellite stations in "Discovery Communications: Growing, growing, growing…."
Completing last issue's archive of the media's coverage of itself during the Iraq War, Media on Media provides a further 27 pieces from the world press, plus the executive summary of the first in-depth research carried out in Britain on TV coverage there of the war.

AUSACE Conference

Reem Obeidat

Naila Hamdy reports on The Eighth International Conference of the Arab-US Association for Communication Educators (AUSACE) and interviews Reem Obeidat, holder of the UNESCO Chair for Communication Technology and Journalism for Women at Dubai Women's College.

Hussein Amin covers "Satellite Broadcasting and Arab Society" held in Amman.

Ralph Berenger summarizes the panels at The 86th Annual Conference of the Association for Educators of Journalism and Mass Communications (AEJMC).

From the Editors
The Far Side of the Satellite: an essay by TBS publisher S. Abdallah Schleifer on "The Impact of Global Media upon Society."

Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror by Danny Schechter (2003) and The World News Prism: Global Media in an Era of Terrorism by William A. Hachten and James F. Scotton (2002). Reviewed by Ralph Berenger.

Masterminds of Terror: The Truth Behind The Most Devastating Terrorist Attack The World Has Ever Seen byYosri Fouda and Nick Fielding (2003). Reviewed by Rasha El-Ibiary.

From 9/11 to Terror War: The Dangers of the Bush Legacy by Douglas Kellner (2003). Reviewed by Rasha El-Ibiary.

Diversity or Anarchy: Current Debates in Broadcasting 10; Papers from the 31st Manchester Broadcasting Symposium (2003). Reviewed by Peter O'Brien.

Global Communication edited by Yahya R. Kamalipour (2002). Reviewed by Ralph Berenger.

Hollywood North: Creating the Canadian Motion Picture Industry by Michael Spencer and Susan Ayscough (2003). Reviewed by Janet Fine.

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