No. 7, Fall/Winter2001
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FOCUS Al-Jazeera: Global Player in a Global Crisis

Feb. 20, 2002:
Given the emphasis of our fall/winter issue on Al-Jazeera, and in particular their relationship with CNN, the TBS editors felt that under the circumstances of the recent dispute between the two broadcasters a special between-issues report was warranted. Background on the Al-Jazeera/CNN relationship can be found in our October feature "The Courting of Al-Jazeera" and in the interviews below.

The Courting of Al-Jazeera, the Sequel: Estrangement and Signs of Reconciliation

Oct. 30, 2001: Al-Jazeera has been making news around the world with its exclusive coverage from Afghanistan and the controversial videotapes it has received from Osama bin Laden's Al-Qaeda group. TBS visited the channel's Doha headquarters and got an inside look at the channel's coverage of the current crisis, and its resource-sharing agreements with CNN.

Cover Story: Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al-Thani, chairman of the board of Al-Jazeera, talks with TBS about the channel's coverage, pressure from Washington, and the direction of the media in Qatar

Al-Jazeera Managing Director Mohammed Jasim Al-Ali discusses how the channel got into Afghanistan, their policies in covering the global crisis, and their relationship with CNN

The Courting of Al-Jazeera
While Washington asked the emir of Qatar to "rein in" Al-Jazeera, American networks were headed to Doha in search of a deal.
by TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

The Sweet and Sour Success of Al-Jazeera
Why the Qatar-based channel has made such a huge impact on Middle East broadcasting
by TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer

Al-Jazeera newsroom


Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer Al Thani


Mohammed Jasim Al-Ali

The Middle East Media Free Zone Experience

Saeed Al-Muntafiq, CEO of Dubai Media City, talked to TBS about DMC's new projects and about the broadcasters that are moving in

Dubai Media City Prepares for Next Phase
Not yet a year old, Dubai Media City is drawing big names like MBC and Reuters—and broadcasters say they're happy with their new home
by TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

High Hopes for Egyptian Media Production City
Cairo's huge new studios aim to give a much-needed boost to local production
by TBS Contributing Editor Chris Forrester

Private-Sector Media City Launched in Amman
Despite the media free zone law being held up in parliament, the Jordanian Media City Company is up and running
by TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

Dubai Media City, the Egyptian Media Production City, and the Jordanian Media City Company are the three players in the Middle East media free zone experiment. All three promise two key advantages: lower costs and freedom of speech. In this special section, we examine all three projects, the aims of each, and how they're selling themselves to the region's broadcasters.
Covering the Region, Covering the World
The Changing Scene of Lebanese Television
by Nabil Dajani

MBC is one of the newest tenants in Dubai Media City—and a key one, even having a DMC building named for them. MBC News Director Steve Clark discusses the advantages of moving to Dubai and it will affect their news coverage.

Reuters TV News Editor Rodney Pinder told TBS about the restructuring of Visnews into Reuters, and how new technology affects news coverage.

Ian Ritchie, CEO of Associated Press Television News (APTN) talks about APTN and its Middle East Custom Coverage, his experiences as CEO of MBC, and the direction of broadcasting in the Arab region.

APTN Senior Editor Hany El Konayyesi, responsible for Middle East Custom Coverage, discusses this unique news service and how it provides the region's broadcasters with global coverage—plus a pool of new talent.

Middle East Business News, based in Dubai Media City, produces a weekly half-hour English-language business show for CNBC Europe. MEBN Chairman and CEO Zafar Siddiqi talks about the company's decision to establish itself in Dubai.

ART Wins STAR Select; Showtime Launches SmartTV
The latest news in Middle East pay-TV
by TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan

The Coverage of Communalism, Race, and Religion
panel discussion held at the News World Asia conference, Singapore

TV Producers Look Towards Globalization at CAMAR TV 2001 International TV Market
By TBS Contributing Editor Janet Fine

An in-depth study of Lebanese broadcasting, conversations with leaders in regional news coverage, a look at the latest in pay-TV, a thought-provoking panel discussion of how ethnic and racial conflict gets covered, and more

From the Editors



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"Communication Education in ASEAN" (2000). Ang Peng Hwa and Sankaran Ramanathan.
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"Interactive Television: TV of the Future or the Future of TV" (1999). Edited by Jens F. Jensen and Cathy Toscan
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"Defining Vision: The Battle for the Future of Television" (1998) by Joel Brinkley
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