No. 5, Fall/Winter2000

Special Issue:
The Arab World

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Transnational Broadcasting Studies

Issue No. 5
Fall/Winter 2000

Special Issue: Transnational Broadcasting
in the Arab World

The Dubai Digital Broadcasting Miracle
TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer
Sumner Redstone: The oldest member of the MTV generation, touring the Arab Gulf, is still "fired up" by Viacom's international prospects. Plus a report on Viacom's Middle East cooperation with KIPCO.
TBS Contributing Editor Chris Forrester
The Media Free Zone: An Egyptian Media Production City Finesse
TBS Cairo Correspondent Heba Kandil
Transnational Television and Asymmetrical Interdependence in the Arab World: The Growing Influence of the Lebanese Satellite Broadcasters
Marwan M. Kraidy
Pan-Arab Satellite Television: Now the Survival Part
Jihad Fakhreddine
Optical Illusions: Television and Censorship in the Arab World
Naomi Sakr
EPG or Bust: This high-tech tool can give Arab broadcasters the competitive edge they need.
TBS Internet Technologies Contributor Hamid Ouddane
"Monitoring the Middle East's Information Revolution": A Conversation with Michael Hudson and Jon Anderson, co-directors of Georgetown University's Arab Information Project.
TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan
Thematic Channels' Salvation: Private sector involvement and pay-TV subscription revenues may put an end to the Nilesat Thematic Channels' dilemma.
TBS Cairo Correspondent Heba Kandil
Special section:
"Actors and New Stakes in the Euro-Arab Satellite Scene": Reports from the Institut du Monde Arabe's first Arab broadcasting seminar
New Challenges for Arab Satellite Television
TBS Paris Correspondent Magdi Ghoneim

The Current Situation of Satellite Broadcasting in the Middle East
TBS Senior Editor Hussein Y. Amin

Does Satellite TV Pay in the Arab World Footprint?
Exploring the Economic Feasibility of Specialized and General Channels

TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer

Cover story: A Dialogue with Al-Jazeera Managing Director Mohammed Jasim Al-Ali TBS Senior Editor S. Abdallah Schleifer spoke with Al-Ali in Cairo about the development, philosophy, and new plans of the region's hottest, most controversial channel.
Turning ART Around: New channels, better distribution, and management changes are all part of how John Tydeman, CEO of Arab Digital Distribution, has brought new life to ART.
The Regional Satellite Giants: TBS spoke with Arabsat Assistant Director General Omar Shoter and Nilesat Deputy Chairman and Chief Engineer Salah Hamza about whether it's cooperation or competition between the two companies.
Alexander Zilo, CEO of Orbit
When TBS talked with Zilo in 1998, he predicted that Orbit would strengthen its production presence in the Arab world. Zilo and Orbit have been true to their word.
Humaid A. Rashid Sahoo, CEO of E-Vision
Etisalat subsidiary E-Vision, launched in April, is the first true digital cable operation in the Arab world, and is now serving 20,000 homes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Peter Einstein, CEO of Gulf DTH/Showtime
EPGs, the Internet, MTV Mashaweer, exclusive sports, and more movies than ever...Showtime is bringing a full range of "value added" services and programs to its Middle East subscribers.
Sana'a Mansour, Chair of the Egyptian Satellite Sector, Egyptian Radio and Television Union. Rumor had it that Mansour was to head a new Egyptian private satellite channel. Not so, she tells TBS.
The Secret of CNE's Success: TBS talked with Abdel Rahman Hafez, chairman of the board of both CNE and ERTU, and Khalid Abu Nuwar, general manager of MultiChoice Egypt, about how Egypt's pay-TV leader has turned a profit.
IBC 2000: Keeping Up with New Technology
Janet Sandle
Global Fusion Conference Lives Up to Its Name
TBS Managing Editor Sarah Sullivan
Middle East Conflict Discussed at Hamptons Fest
TBS Contributing Editor Janet Fine
"Egypt in the Information Age" Debated at Cairo Festival
Dalia Mabrouk
Cairo Film Festival Growing
TBS Contributing Editor Janet Fine
edited by Amos Owen Thomas

"Computer Media and Communication: A Reader" (1999) Ed. Paul A. Mayer. Reviewed by Manjunath Pendakur

"Media Regulation for the New Times" (1999) Ed. Venkat Iyer. Reviewed by Abdullah Al-Kindi

"Television: The Critical View" (2000) Ed. Horace Newcomb. Reviewed by Keval J. Kumar

"Sport, Culture and the Media" (1999) by David Rowe. Reviewed by Brad Hill

"White Noise: An A-Z of the Contradictions in Cyberculture" (1999) by Andrew Calcutt. Reviewed by Brendan Murphy

In the News:
Egyptian Media Waxes and Wanes in Its Attacks Against Al-Jazeera
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